Medical SMP

Medical SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent tattoo applied to the scalp to mimic the short hair on a shaved head. It is a treatment offered to patients who don’t qualify for surgery (poor donor hair), want to  wear their hair shaved or do not want to have surgery at all.

In skilled hands SMP is a highly effective natural looking camouflage in thinning and balding scalps and the organic non-metallic ink doesn’t fade and still allows MRI scans to the head, if ever required. The ink is matched to the tone of the hair and scalp to achieve an optimal natural result.

SMP is a non-surgical procedure performed by our highly skilled hair restoration surgeons who use their skills to design natural hairlines for the most realistic, natural, results.

SMP is an ideal treatment for scalp scarring from any cause, female hair loss with early thinning, male and female patients who have had a hair transplant but haven’t yet achieved their ideal visual density, men with excessive balding but inadequate donor hair and men wishing to wear a buzz cut.

Local anaesthetic ensures a painless experience. Sedation is also available if required. SMP is a safe procedure, using single disposable needles and organic ink.

Hair transplantation can be performed in conjunction with SMP either before or after a procedure and is a compliment to other treatments available at our clinic.

The cost for SMP is $440 per hour inc. GST. To find out more please contact us for a consultation.