Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women

For anyone experiencing and suffering from hair loss, the effects can range from mild annoyance to devastation, and all the frustration inbetween. Knowing what to do when you first notice the thinning is the hard part. You have to wade through a pool of products and “experts” all claiming boldly to fix or improve hair loss with no medical evidence of ever achieving anything close to a proper treatment.

Hair loss is a medical condition and is treatable! 

If you break your leg you know exactly where to go and hair loss should be no different. You consult a specialist medical doctor whose sole purpose is hair loss treatment and hair transplantation. You want a surgeon that is reputable with experience in all aspects of hair loss and at the Knudsen clinic, hair loss treatment Melbourne this is exactly what we offer. 

Hair Loss Treatments MelbourneHair loss treatments for men melbourne

Treat Hair Loss Effectively

Our surgeons treat hair loss for women and men with proven medical treatment and/or surgery. You only ever meet with the hair surgeon and most consultations are partly covered by Medicare.  Hair loss is a condition inherited from either one or both parents and can effect one sibling and skip another. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate, there is female hair loss and male hair loss, it can effect the young and the old.

What makes hair loss happen? 

A hormone called dihydrotestosterone is the culprit but oddly the hormone only effects the front part of the scalp and this is the same in male hair loss and female hair loss. The first step to improving hair loss is to stop further hair loss and the next step is to get back the lost hair or at least create the illusion that that has happened.

Hair Loss Treatment at our Melbourne hair clinic:

Our doctors will give you all the treatment options suitable at your consultation, of feel free to complete the online hair transplant consultation.

Melbourne Hair Loss Treatments for WomenMelbourne Hair Loss Women

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