Female Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Transplant for Women Melbourne

Female hair loss is just as serious an issue as it is for males. Whether it is hereditary, the result of a scalp disease or required to cover plastic surgery scars, female hair loss, hair replacement and hair transplant for women requires specialist attention.

Dr Russell Knudsen is a world renowned expert in female hair transplant treatments and procedures, he has over 28 years experience and has performed thousands of procedures for his female hair transplant patients. You can find out all about him on our About Us page. You can be sure of the knowledge, professionalism, service, care, concern and privacy when you speak with Dr Knudsen who has been providing effective female thinning hair treatment for many years.

Female hair loss treatmentFemale Hair Transplant


Female Thinning Hair Treatment

Should you be researching female hair loss or the cost of hair transplant before making your choice, then please visit Our most Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers page, which will undoubtedly be of assistance. If you need to know where we are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Auckland, New Zealand, please go to our Contact Us page.

Alternatively, you may choose to make an on-line enquiry via our 'A Word with the Doctor' page and make an appointment for your initial consultation about hair transplant for women while you are there. Whatever you choose, the Knudsen Clinics are there for you and pride themselves on service, care, privacy and results. After all, it is a serious issue that may be occupying too much of your thoughts and time. Speak with Dr Knudsen now and get your life back.

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