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Blog: Viewing Hair Transplant Surgery Articles

The Impact Of Hair Loss

Posted on 22 Oct, 2018
The Impact Of Hair Loss
Depending on the length of your genetically determined growth phase, you shed 50-100 hairs a day. Dr Knudsen recommends seeing your local doctor, a dermatologist or a hair loss specialist as a first port of call, and avoiding the countless remedies offered at the tap of a keyboard.

Hair Loss Solutions

Posted on 10 Oct, 2017

Hair Loss Solutions Melbourne

With 30 years in the field, Dr Knudsen has seen hair loss treatments come and go, but his approach remains the same. 

"My goal is to diminish future hairloss, and I have a doctor's responsibility to treat the problem as effectively as possible."

Hair loss treatment is a combination of medication and surgery, he says.
Read more in his article about how a precise medical procedure performed by a hair transplant surgeon can treat hair loss.

Dr Knudsen talks on The Project

Posted on 06 Sep, 2017

Dr Russell Knudsen, Melbourne Hair Transplant Surgeon, talks on the Channel 10 show The Project about the dangers of unregulated cosmetic surgery. Watch the video to hear how critical is it for a safe and qualified medical setting for any cosmetic surgery. Even local anesthesia should be done in a suitably qualified medical setting.

Is It Possible To Regrow Your Hair?

Posted on 09 Aug, 2017

The answer is yes and no!

There is a lot of advertising in Melbourne claiming that they can help you regrow your own hair, but what does that mean? Can you grow your hair in a petrie dish? Can you regrow the hair that has fallen out on your head? Can you grow it on a donor head and transplant it to your head? Can you clone hair?

Some of these options may be available in the future but right now the only option to give you back the hair you have lost is to take it from one place on the back of the scalp and put it in the area that you're thinning in. A male or female hair transplant is essentially gardening, from one garden at the back of your head to one at the front of your head.

You cannot use hair from another person, your body would reject it. You cannot grow your own hair in a petrie dish and harvest it, they are hoping this will happen in the future but it hasn’t happened yet. Hair cloning is a hope for the future also but again a long way off.

Regrowing hair that you have lost is possible to a point, there are medications that will help you regain some of the hair that you have lost or thicken hair that is thinning but it usually just prevents you from losing more hair and works best on areas like the crown but hasn’t proven as effective on the forehead.

Hair transplantation is still the most cutting edge, safe and effective way to regain your hair.

Call us today to find out more about hair transplants in Melbourne and treat your hair loss today.  Wondering about the cost of a hair transplant in Melbourne? The cost for a hair transplant at our Melbourne hair loss clinic is right here on our website.