ARTAS Hair Transplant

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation

The new generation of FUE

Available exclusively at the Knudsen Clinic Sydney this is the latest, cutting edge technology in robotic hair transplantation. 

The harvesting of the grafts is performed by the ARTAS robot overseen by the hair transplant surgeon and then implanted the same way that FUT and FUE are, by hand. With the ARTAS there are no stitches, no lineal scarring, no bandages and minimal downtime. This innovative machine uses its precision excisions to isolate individual grafts without any of the usual hand fatigue associated with manual FUE.

Popular across the world with elite hair transplant clinics and endorsed by the ISHRS, this state of the art technology is the only one of its kind in the Australia and benefits include unparalleled speed and precision, minimal damage to hair follicles and therefore increased graft survival rates.

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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Common FAQs About Hair Transplant with ARTAS

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How does a robotic hair transplant work?

Robotic Hair transplantation works the same as manual FUE, except instead of the grafts being extracted by hand, this is all done by the ARTAS robot under the guide of our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons. The main advantage of this robotic precision extraction is that there is no hand fatigue. Learn more about FUE.

How long will my procedure take?

The procedure time varies depending on the amount of grafts you have, this will be discussed in your consultation. As a guide 2000 grafts takes a full day, with a break for lunch.

Is the whole procedure performed by the robot?
Only the harvesting of the grafts is performed by the ARTAS robot under the guidance of our highly skilled surgeons. The planting of the grafts is still performed by human hand.
Is the ARTAS procedure scarless surgery?

The ARTAS robotic FUE procedure leaves small dot scars where the grafts are taken from (the back of the scalp or the donor area). These are usually unable to be seen even when wearing hair very short. It important to note that all hair transplant procedures leave some degree of scarring, FUE, FUT and Robotic FUE. There are no “scar less” hair transplant procedures, despite many claims.

Are bandages required post operatively?
A dressing is applied to the back of the scalp (the donor area) for the first night only. This can then be removed and no other bandages are required.
How quickly will I recover from my ARTAS procedure?
Donor areas are expected to recover over 7-10days post procedure, which is the same recovery time as a manual FUE procedure. Strenuous exercise is not limited after an ARTAS robotic procedure which is an added benefit over FUT procedures which indicate limited exercise 7 days post procedure.
Is the ARTAS robot available at all Knudsen Clinics?
No, the ARTAS robot is currently only available at our Sydney Clinic at this stage.