Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure Options

  1. Hair Transplant Surgery - this is by far the most common procedure world wide.
  2. Alopecia excision - once popular but now only used occasionally in selected cases.
  3. Flap reduction surgery - still used on rare occasions by some Plastic Surgeons

Modern Hair Transplant Surgery

The aim of today's hair transplant surgery procedure is to mimic the natural hairline and randomness of normal hair growth. Thankfully, it is very successful in doing so. Since hair transplant surgery was invented in Japan in 1939 and then reborn in America in 1956, things have progressed significantly. In those 50 years, hair transplantation has developed, just as much as the car! From the early days of crude but effective plugs, hair transplantation and hair replacement now uses state-of-the-art techniques. All Dr Knudsen's hair transplant surgery procedures are completed under mild sedation and a 'local' anaesthetic in our purpose-designed and equipped, Knudsen Clinic in Melbourne Australia.

Artificial Hair Implants

These have been available for a number of years and have improved greatly in appearance and texture. They suffer from the major disadvantage that these hairs are gradually shed over a 3 - 36 month period and need annual "top-up" procedures. There are many other minor problems but the advantage is that there is a limitless supply of artificial hair fibres.

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